I bet you two
never get photos together.

And you are probably adorable, but Hey! - you are not the only ones and it is completely normal - after all not everyone is a model and most people do not enjoy being in front of the camera.
You probably see a lot of these amazing engagement photos and couple photo shoots - I know I do - and you probably never thought that it could be you! Truth be told many of these photos are not staged at all!

They are just photos of people enjoying each other .

That is why my approach to photographing couples is simple and completely universal.
Whether it is an engagement or pre wedding shoot, an anniversary shoot, a first time in a new city shoot or a yearly tradition -
I will take you for a walk and it will never feel like a photo shoot. I will give you some creative ideas and maybe some direction, but for the most part you will be able to talk to each other about your days and forget I am even there!
And if at any point you will decide to try some creative photography idea that you saw on Instagram or recreate that amazing moody engagement photo you saw on Facebook - just tell me and we will crack on!



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Bedfordshire and surrounding areas