So it begins...

I am a wedding photographer based in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. I like moody wedding photography that conveys feelings that I felt at the time of photograph. I look out for little things that will make the bride beautiful and stand out. I have an eye for detail that’s why I am good at what I do and wedding photography is what I do best.

Do you like this little Lord of the Rings reference?
So it begins … in 2016 we decided to travel to Iceland.


From time to time, I still think about Iceland, especially how much I enjoyed the whole trip.
We decided to sleep in a tent and I think this was the best idea we’ve ever had.
Sleeping in front of massive waterfalls, next to huge cliffs, in the middle of a little woodland, in front of a huge lake on a mountain range… what an experience!

I’ve always had the drive to travel, walk and climb, to do the unreasonable and the slightly dangerous.
The only reason I never get hurt is my partner in crime and a bit of common sense.

Since I was a child I always had this weird attraction to art and DIY - making coloured crystals on strings, repairing my toys, drawing, painting and all the other things kids my age did not think about. This evolved into digital art, for example retouching, compositing photos, etc. I did make some money from it during high school and when studying, but in the long run life’s “real” problems and expectations overshadowed all my passions. I was told that I needed to study to be a “real” person and after years and years of being told something you start to believe it. I studied IT and Economics - in the end I got fed up with it.
After a bumpy ride, I moved to UK, became a surveyor and found my second half.
Thanks to the energy and enthusiasm that she emanates in every direction, I was able to find my lost self and the fabled journey through Iceland revived my long lost passion for creating.

I always thought about photography, but my brother is a professional photographer and I felt the need to be unique. That’s why I ventured into a different direction of creativity.
Just before our trip to Iceland, I decided that I wanted to capture some good quality photos of this amazing island.

Boy did I not see what was to come… I bought an entry level DSLR camera, which I still have today (a Nikon D5200 with a 16-55mm kit lens). What a beast! I have kept it and every time I look at it I remember the journey around the Icelandic Ring Road.

I took a few pictures with the camera on the same day I bought it and…
…BOOM - hundreds of hours learning about photography with my nerdy brain resulted in vast knowledge about photography in general, not just about my camera in particular.

Questioning every single reaction from my camera and understanding it, watching hundreds of videos and tutorials to fortify my knowledge and testing my skills in the open world just to make sure that I was ready for Iceland.

On the day of our departure I was so excited I could barely contain myself. My heart pounding, thousands of thoughts flooding in… thinking about what I will see in “The Land of Fire and Ice”… I was so thrilled that I took a selfie in the plane cockpit (unfortunately I do not know where this picture is now). I don’t even remember much from the flight itself - I was just thinking about all the beautiful landscapes we would see.
I was prepared. I made a map with locations I had previously researched.

Our Icelandic Adventure

We started in Reykjavik and made our way from West to East along the Southern Coast of Iceland. Just to tell you how excited I was about taking photos - in two weeks I took over 8000 photos and we travelled over 1600 kilometres.
Even though it was raining for quite a big portion of the time and we barely had any sun, they were the best two weeks of my life. Below I have posted photos from the trip and the first few are the photos I am proud of the most.

A random location along the Icelandic Ring Road

A random location along the Icelandic Ring Road



Trolls at Skogafoss

Trolls at Skogafoss

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