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― Michaela DePrince



Few months ago my partner learnt that her company, Plowman Craven, nominated her for the The European Women In Construction & Engineering Awards. We were both quite excited as it is not something that happens to people very often. She submitted the documents required to enter the contest and soon after we learnt that she was selected to be one of the four Finalists in her category.

Plowman Craven writes: Female Surveyors are Awards Finalists

We're delighted to announce that two of our surveyors are finalists in the Best Woman Land Surveyor category of the European Women in Construction & Engineering Awards.
Marianna Carcano and Malgorzata Grabos have consistently displayed their strong work ethic, technical brilliance, customer focus, unwavering enthusiasm and leadership qualities. We wish them both the best of luck on the final judging day next month and hope it will inspire all of our amazing female surveyors. (**Update: sadly they didn't win but we're all very proud of them!)
The Women in Construction and Engineering (WICE) Awards is a distinguished European competition which recognises and celebrates the achievements of women working in construction, engineering and architecture.
Women represent only 11% of the construction workforce in the UK, and the aim of these awards is to make our industry more enticing to women; to create role models for women considering a career in the sectors, whilst encouraging companies to employ, train, develop and retain more women.
Whether they win or not, we are happy to recognise our women role models and celebrate the achievements of some of our own high-performing women surveyors.

As finalist she had to prepare for an interview with a panel of judges and attend the evening Gala where the winners would be announced.
I helped her shaping her presentation slides and practice on the interview but I could not really understand why she was more stressed about the Gala rather than the interview.
She was very conscious about picking the right dress for the occasion, not too short but not too long, not too classic but classic enough, a dress she could wear to different occasions, a dress that she could feel comfortable and beautiful in it but also empowered, basically the dress.
During the outfit picking marathon she mentioned that she had this idea…


It was exactly what I needed to take my mind off my day job and wedding photography.
The idea that sprang into Marianna’s mind was simple, but it felt like the message behind that idea was so much more complicated than it appeared to be.
We created the image and we both were amazed with the result but still we couldn’t pin point what inspired this concept.

There are many male dominated industries in the world and most women do not consider the possibility of even trying to start a career in these industries.
If you are passionate about something do not let other people tell you if you can do it or not.


Woman surveyor creative photography

The hardest part of being a woman working in the Construction Industry is to be confident and not make myself a victim of the society’s clichés. To fit into this industry, I often dress down and try to be as not ladylike as possible when on site.
When I have been nominated as “Best Woman Land Surveyor 2019” at WICE Awards whilst excited for this new challenge I found myself terrified to plan a gala outfit. I consider myself a fairly feminine woman, but I do own more cargo trousers than skirts and elaborate make-up is not my cup of tea. I proceeded through this Cinderellian outfit challenge as I would do at work: planning, trials and time allowance for technical issues or failures. And the outcome not only was a success, but me realising that I should embrace my duality rather than dress it down.

I am Woman, I am a Surveyor

It is not a secret identity and I would like everybody to know how proud I am to be myself.

#embraceyourself #womensurveyors #Cinderellawayoflife #AspiretoInspire
- Marianna


In the future I would like to work on more creative photography projects like this - let me know in comments below if you would like to see more.
I hope you guys enjoyed reading this blog post. To the next time!

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